How to quickly split one PDF into multiple PDFs?


2022-08-04 10:57

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Turning one PDF into multiple is often due to the inconvenience of transmission and storage due to the large size of one PDF.

If the consideration is to divide into small PDFs for transmission and storage, and then turn several small PDFs into one large one when needed, then use the simplest PDF splitting function. If you want to achieve this easily and quickly, the operation is to choose AmindPDF.

Split One PDF into Multiple PDFs with AmindPDF for Windows and Mac

Step1: Download AmindPDF for Windows on your computer, launch and select the PDF file you are gonna split. Click the “Page” button.


Step2: Click the “Split” button and can choose “The number of pages”, “File size” that you gonna split to, and the “Output options”.


Step3: Choose Output options and click OK to save your setup.


Here are also some online webs that can help you to split PDFs when you are very urgent:


Splitting PDF files can be done using this online application because it has many additional options for customization. After selecting your files into the program, you can select the pages you want to extract. After pressing Split PDF, it will separate a PDF into multiple files, and the files will be available for the next hour.


Use Smallpdf to divide one file into multiple smaller files or extract specific pages to a new file. Free to use, no registration or download is needed.


PDFelement is a program tailored to creating and editing PDF files. With the help of this program, users will create new PDFs from other files, view PDF documents and convert them into various other formats. You can use it to e-sign and validate documents. PDFelement is the best tool for splitting PDF pages into separate files. It makes splitting documents very easy and reliable. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

All above are the best PDF Splitters now on the market, you can choose one the most suitable for you, hope my article is helping you.

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