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2022-08-04 11:06

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Do you also use your iPad to process PDF files as often as I do, and are used to modifying and annotating PDF files, editing PDF files, etc. while reading. Today I recommend to you a very useful mobile PDF tool "AmindPDF", which can not only edit and modify PDF files, but also add annotations to PDFs in the process of reading PDFs.

Open "AmindPDF" on the iPad, find the PDF file you need to read or modify, and open it to the following picture:

Add annotation to PDF: Click the "Annotate" button to go to the PDF annotation interface, as shown in the figure below, you can add highlight, underline, strikethrough, pencil or marker drawing, add annotation notes, undo annotations, etc. to PDF.

PDF editor: Click the "Edit" button in Figure 1 to enter the PDF editing interface, as shown in the figure below, the editable text will be automatically displayed in the text box, you can add or delete text, modify the text color, font, font size, bold or italic, etc. 

Why use AmindPDF

Reason 1: Fully functional

PDF reading and adding annotations: You can add highlighting, underline, strikethrough , annotation notes, pencil or marker drawing, eraser erase, undo functions, etc. to PDF during reading PDF;

PDF editing : You can add and delete text, modify text color, font, font size, bold or italic, and copy text; you can add or delete pictures, move or zoom pictures, copy pictures, cut pictures , etc.;

PDF Merge or Add: Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file or split a PDF file into multiple PDF files by content or number of pages;

PDF conversion: PDF to JPG or PNG image; image to PDF (image to PDF);

PDF scanning: The camera scans the PDF file in high-definition and saves it as PDF;

PDF page management: add or delete PDF pages, extract or rotate PDF pages, exchange PDF page order;

PDF file management: PDF file name search, PDF renaming, PDF printing or sharing, etc.;

PDF keyword full text search: search keywords through the full text of keywords;

PDF creation: create blank pages, extract photos from albums, scan and create;

Reason 2: Basic functions are free, and some paid functions are cheap 

Free functions: PDF editing, PDF reading and adding annotations, PDF creation, PDF scanning, PDF page addition or deletion, PDF page extraction or rotation, exchange of PDF page order, PDF keyword full text search, PDF printing or sharing, etc.

Paid features: PDF editing (download without watermark), PDF to image, PDF merging, PDF splitting

Reason 3: The interface is simple and beautiful, the use is smooth, and there are no ads

Reason 4: Support both IOS and Android devices

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