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2022-08-04 11:31

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Nowadays, in the context of the global epidemic, working from home has become a necessary trend. Whether you are a student, teacher, lawyer, or office worker who has a bunch of PDF files to deal with, an easy-to-use and free PDF management software will be very useful when you dealing with a large number of PDF files.

The irreplaceability of PDF files is that readers cannot easily change the content of PDF files. PDF files are important materials for people to communicate, and almost everything is converted into PDF files. However, once you have so many PDF files, you need some tools to organize them. The right PDF management software can help you organize your PDF documents easily and also let you retrieve them by searching.

Best 4 popular PDF Manager in 2022:


As we all know, AmindPDF is a free application for managing PDF files, with powerful and easy PDF management, when it comes to file management, the most common operation that users encounter is to convert file formats. Now common office software already supports converting document files to PDF files, but it is very troublesome to convert PDF files to other formats. Then you need to think of other ways to solve it.

 AmindPDF provides the most convenient conversion tools for the users.


Smallpdf is a well-known website for online processing of PDF files on the market, and it can solve the problem with its latest client software. First, click the "Choose files" button in the main interface of the software, and select the PDF files to be managed in the pop-up dialog box. Or directly select the file to be managed in the resource manager, and drag it to the software window to release it, so that the loading operation of the PDF file can also be completed.


Different from other PDF management software, Mendeley is also a social platform, it can provide more social experience, not just limited to PDF file management. Each account comes with 1GB of free storage. Also, it works best with the automatic citation tool embedded in Word. Not only that, but this cross-platform software has multiple social sharing features and can sync with other accounts and third parties.


It feels very powerful, and it also supports document classification and management.

All above are the top 4 PDF manager in the market, worth mentioning is that AmindPDF is also a powerful PDF editor, once you get it, you can edit, annotate, read, combine, split PDF easily. Hope this article can solve your problems.

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