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2022-08-04 11:07

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In our daily study life, many times we encounter study materials in pdf format. Different from doc, txt and other formats, pdf is not convenient for secondary editing and modification of the content, nor is it convenient for marking and annotating key content. I have found various pdf editing software on the Internet, but the result is that it does not require membership, or the download threshold is high or the operation is difficult. It can really be described as "hard pdf for a long time"!

Until later, I found a pdf artifact, which can not only perform secondary editing on pdf files, but also add remarks to the contents, underline the key contents, etc., which can be said to perfectly solve the problems I mentioned above. . Not only that, it can basically solve most of the problems with pdf!

This artifact is AmindPDF! So today I will mainly talk about its annotation function~

First, we need to download the latest version of PDFelement. After opening the software, you need to log in to use it normally. Here we choose WeChat scan code to log in.

After entering the main function interface of the software, click [Select File], find the file we need to add comments, select it and open it.
Then the second step, after opening the file, find the [Annotation] function in the upper menu bar, click to view some annotation functions it provides us.

1. AmindPDF (PDF Editor for Windows)

The annotation function of AmindPDF is to introduce and comment on the vocabulary, content, background, and quotations of PDF books or articles. Comments can also be easily edited, deleted and moved.

The main annotations of the button "" annotate to PDF are: highlight, annotation under the lower interface, pencil function, eraser line, polyline, long stroke, drawing line, line, annotation annotation and other tools
Add highlight, underline, strikethrough


Highlight: Click the "Comment" button, then click the "Highlight" icon in the submenu bar, select the area in the text that needs to be highlighted and add it directly, right-click and select "Properties" to modify the highlighted color;

Underline: Click the "Comment" button, then click the "Underline" icon in the submenu bar, select the area in the text that needs to be underlined and add it directly, right-click and select "Properties" to modify the color of the underline;

Strikethrough: Click the "Comment" button, then click the "Strikethrough" button in the submenu bar, and then select the area in the text where you want to add a strikethrough and add it directly, right-click and select "Properties" to modify the color of the strikethrough;

Drawing tools
Drawing tools can help you add different graphic elements in PDF, such as lines, rectangles, polygons, ellipses and other images.


Pencil: draw with pencil;

Eraser: You can erase the content added by the pencil;

Line: draw a line;

Rectangle: draw a rectangle;

Ellipse: draw an ellipse or use the Shift key to draw a circle;

Line: draw a line chart;

Polygon: draw polygon;

Remember that AmindPDF is an all-in-one PDF expert, so I wanna introduce more functions to you will be so useful.

✦ PDF Writer: Edit the original text and write on PDF directly, not only a textbox

✦ JPG to PDF: Scan any document and convert it to PDF.

✦ built-in PDF scanner: scan PDF and print PDF by BlueTooth & wifi.

✦ Rich tools to read PDF

✦ Combine PDF and split PDF

✦ Powerful file organizer

✦ Powerful & Free PDF Editor

2. Foxit PDF Editor for Windows

For starting to annotate on PDF, click on the COMMENT tab. You’ll be presented with a variety of different types of annotations you can make, which includes:

· Highlighting

· Squiggly text

· Underline

· Strikeout

· Replace text

· Insert text

Another convenient way is to click the Annotation Tool Annotation tool to create an annotation annotation. Use this commenting tool when you need to ask a question, make a suggestion, or discuss something with others who are working on a document. And will not affect the overall beauty.

Your notes will appear as bubbles. When someone clicks on a note to expand it, it opens your message in a note format that includes your name and date/time stamp as the author.


3. PDFelement for Windows

-Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough


- Add Sticky Notes

- Add Text Box

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