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2022-08-04 10:51

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PDF merging is often used in our daily work, but sometimes there is no computer on business trips or on the way to get off work, and many related software cannot be installed on mobile phones. How can we perform PDF merging operations? The following will teach you a free method to combine many PDFs in your mobile phone into one.

There are many PDF processing apps on the market, here AmindPDF for mobile is used as an example.

Open the installed AmindPDF on your iphone or ipad, and click the "PDF Merge" function on the home page.


On the PDF Merge page, select the documents you want to merge and add them.

After the PDF files are added, adjust the file merging order and output directory, click "Start Conversion", and the PDF files are merged successfully.


How to merge multiple PDF files on mobile? The above is the content about PDF merging shared with you today. Use them to easily handle merging PDF files! Processing PDF files from the mobile phone can really solve a lot of pressing needs, friends, give it a try!

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