Why do various PDF editors abide by the requirement to enter a password when opening a password-protected file?

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2022-08-04 11:09

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Q: Why is my PDF already set with a permission password and blocked from printing, but why can it be easily cracked by others?

A: To make an inappropriate analogy, this is just "preventing gentlemen rather than villains". The setting of the permission password is only to inform the readers that comply with the specification what to do. Many irregular third-party readers can still ignore your permission settings to do this.

Q: Why did I set an open password and it was cracked by others?
A: ① It is too simple to open the password. In this case, it can be cracked by exhaustiveness. ② Even complex passwords can be cracked by using the "password dictionary".

Q: What is the difference between the opening password and the permission password? How should our ordinary users set it?
A: The open password and permission password of PDF are both PDF passwords. The difference between them is that the level of the permission password is higher than that of the open password.

The permission password can be used to set various permissions of the document, such as whether to print, whether to export media content such as text or images, and whether the document can be modified. And you can also set or delete the document opening password.

The open password is only used to open the document. When the document is opened with the open password, the document permissions cannot be modified.

Summary: So if you don't want the content of the document to be copied, it is best to set the PDF open password and permission password at the same time.


Q: How to prevent text copying once and for all?
A: In the PDF reading software, you can save the pdf of the text as a picture, and then merge them into a PDF file.

Note: Your original file must be saved, the converted pdf will no longer be editable.

However, even if you do this, you can't stop the " a base person" from copying and scanning your PDF documents with OCR text recognition technology (a technology commonly used in pirated books, which is easy to identify errors and cause typos).

How to add password protection to PDF files easily and safely?

Open AmindPDF, Click the "Protect" button, and click the "Password" button to pop up the "Password Protection" dialog box, where you can set the file open permission password, file modification permission password, etc.


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