In 2022, the 6 most worthwhile PDF readers for Android phones to download, simple and practical!

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2022-08-04 11:32

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Over the years, a variety of PDF readers have blossomed, making it dazzling. However, these software were later acquired by large companies, or the developers felt that the profit was meager, and invariably transformed into selling content or receiving a large number of in-app advertisements. I have no intention of commenting on this matter itself. Also, these readers may be comfortable to use if they meet the user's needs.

But there are always discerning users who want to pace themselves and read purely. To meet their needs, we reviewed 6 mainstream PDF software in the Google market. Let's take a look at what is the best PDF reader for Android platform in 2022.

1. Google PDF - the most compact PDF reader
User Rating: 4.2
Market downloads: 10 million+
Software Type: Free
Features: Simple to the extreme


This is an app made by Google for users who "do not have a default PDF reader on the system". Apart from reading and searching, there is no other function. After installation, the software will not appear in the program list. Only appears in candidates when the file is opened.

Want comments, text reflow, custom trimming? Sorry, none of these features are available. After all, the entire program is less than 5M, so this software is suitable for those light users who pursue "extreme simplicity"

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader - international brand, official certification
User Rating: 4.3
Market downloads: 100 million+
Software type: free, advanced features paid
Features: Officially produced, good compatibility


PDF, a cross-platform file format, was developed by Adobe around 1990 and released as an open standard in 2008. Adobe Acrobat Reader (formerly Adobe Reader, recently renamed), produced by Adobe, can be said to be the "official APP of PDF".

The basic functions of Acrobat Reader are complete. Needless to say, the reading mode can choose "single page reading" or "continuous scrolling", as well as the popular automatic rearrangement function. As the owner of PDF, Acrobat Reader compatibility is guaranteed. If you encounter a headache display error, try this software and maybe it will solve it.


Acrobat Reader software comes with cloud storage, you can log in with your Google account. Advanced features such as creating, editing, and converting formats also require a paid subscription.

3. Foxit PDF Reader - lightweight domestic reading software
User Rating: 4.5
Market Downloads: 1 million+
Software Type: Free, Ads
Features: Lightweight, convenient

Foxit Reader, needless to say about the basic functions of reading, commenting, and rearranging. Compared with similar software, Foxit Software is also very lightweight and fast.

Thebuilt-in WIFI sharing function of Foxit Reader is inconspicuous, but it is very convenient to use. When sending files to others, you don't need to find a data cable.

Foxit Reader, like Adobe, requires payment for advanced functions such as editing and conversion. But the registration process, there are not as many obstacles as Adobe. Of course, if you just need to read, the free version is also powerful enough.

4. Moon+ Reader - a reading center that can be deeply customized
User Rating: 4.4
Market downloads: 10 million+
Software Type: Free
Features: full-featured, deeply customizable

It supports many languages, not only Chinese, but also dozens of small languages including Korean and Japanese.

There are many file formats. In addition to pdf, it can also open common e-book formats such as epub, mobi, chm, mobi, and txt.

There are many function settings, which can set page turning mode, color configuration, brightness selection, intelligent typesetting, vision protection, bookshelf management, custom dictionary, translation, font, TTS reading, horizontal and vertical layout, simplified and traditional conversion...


There are many advantages and disadvantages of course. Due to the complexity of the software and the many layers of menus, novices can accidentally make the wrong settings and get lost in the multitude of options. It takes a lot of time and effort to set it up to your liking.

5. AmindPDF - the rising star of PDF software
User Rating: 4.9
Market downloads: 100,000+
Software type: Free, no ads and in-app purchases
Features: complete functions, intimate details


AmindPDF is a free cross-platform PDF editing and reading software. In addition to Android, AmindPDF also has Windows and IOS clients

Bookmarks, annotations, comments, switching reading modes, these basic functions, AmindPDF has a lot of them. At the same time, AmindPDF is also very considerate in editing. Unlike traditional text boxes, you can directly edit and delete text on AmindPDF. For those users who have editing needs, AmindPDF is a software worth studying.


AmindPDF provides the function of "editing PDF documents" for free. Similar software, most of them pay to provide these services. As a rising star, AmindPDF's functions and details can be said to have gradually caught up with Adobe.

In addition, due to the large number of PDF readers, it is impossible to introduce them one by one, and users who need them can experience them in the Google Store. In addition, there are many softwares with PDF functions like Google Drive and WPS.

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