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2022-08-04 10:43

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If you often deal with computers, you must know that PDF is the most convenient format for circulation and has good compatibility. Do you know how to edit PDF? For example, if you edit the text, you may be confused if you don't find the right method. It's actually very simple. I'll tell you about it below.

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1.Open AmindPDF and add the PDF file to be edited to the operation page. There are two ways to add files, one is to click the "File" - "Open" button to find the PDF file that needs to be edited, and the other is to click the "Open" button to find the PDF file. The two methods can achieve the same adding effect. You can choose at will.


2.After adding, go to the top of the page to find and click the "Edit" button. Content editing includes editing text, pictures, text boxes, and watermarks. You can choose according to your needs. Today, I will use "edit text" to give you an example.


3.Click "Edit Text" to go to the page for text editing. After clicking, you can delete or add the required content on the PDF page below, it is very simple, and it is the same as typing the content in the Word document.


The above is how to edit the sharing of PDF files. It is very simple. You can try it yourself.

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