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2022-08-04 11:31

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Adobe reader does often have the problem of copying and typographical errors. This is a problem that has always existed, but it cannot be denied that it is indeed a good reader.

As an office worker, I would like to share a few PDF readers that are very useful!

1.Edge browser


The Edge browser actually comes with its own PDF reader. , but it should be noted that the Edge browser is exclusive to Windows 10

The built-in functions such as highlighting, reading, brushes, double-page mode, etc. are relatively complete (the disadvantage is that there is no bookmark function). If you don't want to download any software, just use the Edge browser as a PDF reader.


The reading functions of this software are very comprehensive, such as annotation functions, tools such as highlighting, strikethrough, underline, and marquee are equipped. Notes, notes, stamps, hand-painted brushes and other richer annotation content are also fully equipped.
AmindPDF's screen adaptation function provides a more comfortable and personalized reading experience

  • Click the icon on the right side of the toolbar, including four options: "Current Size", "Fit Page", "Fit Width" and "Fit Visualization"


  • Select “Zoom” in the menu. It provides a variety of page zoom options, including "zoom to page-level" and more.

Click to slide the page, click to select the text

  • Click to slide the page: Click the icon below to enter the page browsing mode, and move the mouse to switch the reading position at will.


  • Click to select text: Click the “Selected Text” button to switch from browse page mode to selectable text mode.

And this software can also directly edit PDF text, such as PDF printing, PDF editing text, PDF editing form, PDF editing graphics, PDF editing shapes, PDF stamps, PDF watermarking, PDF page management, etc. Expand the sub-options near the top Hundreds of functions can basically meet the needs of most people.

The operation method is very simple, just select the PDF file that needs to be edited, and then double-click to edit the PDF text directly!

That's right, just double-click to edit it, the same operation process as Word documents, etc.)


And the software itself is also small (8MB), about the same size as a PDF reader, I personally think it is stronger than a reader!



As a well-known office software, whether it is PDF reading function, or document editing, or PDF editing, or even basic format conversion. Personally, isn't it better to directly WPS without any special needs? ~

However, there are indeed disadvantages. There are so many advertisements, which is really annoying.

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