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2022-08-04 11:05

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OCR text recognition software may be familiar to friends who often need to perform image and text recognition, but those who have not been in contact with it will be puzzled, what is OCR? What does OCR text recognition software do? How to use OCR text recognition software correctly?

So I will explain it to you today, I hope it will be helpful to you.

What is OCR text recognition software? In fact, we have used OCR technology a long time ago, it is an indispensable

OCR text recognition software can help us recognize text in pictures, PDF files, and scanned files and convert it into editable Word or PDF documents, it is a very useful working software to reduce the world of perfect manual typing.

When using OCR software, many friends often complain that they cannot recognize pictures and text or scan files with a low recognition rate, etc., but in fact, most of the time, if we do not use it correctly, then we should change how to use OCR text recognition software correctly.

How to use OCR text recognition software?

1. First of all, ensure the clarity of image recognition. If the image you want to recognize is blurry and the text is not clear, how can you blame the OCR text recognition software? OCR optical recognition technology uses reflected light and push data Computing renders text in front of us, so to recognize pictures and text, the first thing is the clarity of the document.

2. The font is clear. When using OCR text recognition software to recognize files, the fonts in the pictures also need to be normal fonts. Many pictures are artistic Chinese characters or brushed Chinese characters. At this time, it is difficult to recognize the text inside.

3. After the quick OCR text recognition software, please first select the corresponding recognition type, picture, PDF, or scanned file, and then click on the paper to analyze the text in the picture. After analyzing on paper, we can adjust the analysis frame, set the text area that we need to recognize, and remove the extra blank or extra pictures in this area.

4. Click Recognition to enter the image and text recognition state. After recognition, users can see the recognition effect on the right. At this time, they can compare with the original file, correct errors, complete the recognition, and save it as a Word document.

What tools have OCR text recognition technology?

We recommend a new PDF tool "AmindPDF Editor" with OCR text recognition technology.

You can download the AmindPDF on the official website of AmindPDF, and then open the PDF file that requires text recognition in AmindPDF:

After opening the PDF file, click the "Tools" button in the menu bar, and then click the "Text Recognition" button under the Tools button, and the "Language Selection" dialog box will pop up.

There are more than 20 languages that can be selected. Click to select the language that needs to be converted. Then click the "OK" button in the lower right corner, and the system starts to automatically recognize the document and recognizes the scanned PDF file as an editable PDF file.


The above is what I introduced about OCR technology and how to use OCR technology. I hope the above content can help to solve the problem as quickly as possible when OCR text recognition technology is needed. 

If you know what OCR text recognition software is, and use some precautions, identify the file yourself and try it!

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