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2022-08-04 11:10

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Many companies often have some important files that they do not want to be copied. Especially, many units share some files on the server for local area network users to access. These shared files are often the intangible assets and business secrets of enterprises and institutions. However, due to work needs, it is impossible not to allow employees to view. Therefore, how to allow LAN users to access shared files, read shared files without copying the content of shared files, prohibit copying shared files, and prohibit saving shared files as local disk

This article takes a PDF document as an example to explain how to prevent the copying of PDF files and how to prohibit copying of PDF documents to protect the security of PDF files.

There are 2 ways to protect PDF files from copying

Today I will introduce you how to use AmindPDF to protect PDF files from copying

Method 1: AmindPDF has two password options to protect your PDF files.

 One is "Open Password", which allows you to set a password to prevent unauthorized users from opening or accessing your files; the other is "Permission Password", which prevents individuals from copying or printing your PDF files even if they have opened them. Follow the steps below to set a password to prevent unauthorized copying of your PDF files.


Method 2: Convert PDF to image

Another way to prevent PDF files from being copied is to convert PDF documents to images. Content in converted images cannot be copied. After opening the PDF file in PDFelement, go to the "Convert" tab and click "Convert to Image" to start the conversion.


Isn’t really convinient and fluent to protect your PDF with AmindPDF? YES, it is an all-in-one PDF expert in the market, and provide the most cost-effective price in the market and the best quality.

After knowing how to protect PDF from copying, why not to know how to copy pages of PDF?

Sometimes we need to copy a page in a PDF document so that the copied page still exists in the PDF document instead of extracting it separately. How can we copy PDF files?

We all know that PDF documents cannot be edited. Of course, there are many PDF files that can be edited or copied through a special PDF editor, but there are still many PDF files, such as scanned PDF files, even with a PDF editor. Edited, if it is this kind of PDF file, how should we edit it?

First of all, let's introduce how to edit PDF files in normal PDF files:

So there are many PDF editors on the market, it can not only edit PDF text, but also copy PDF text and pages is simple and easy to use!

I will recommend a relatively easy-to-use PDF editor, AmindPDF Editor, which is the latest domestic PDF editor, which can not only edit PDF, but also copy PDF text and pages, etc.

How to duplicate pages in PDF?

Tool: AmindPDF

Step 1: Go to the official website of AmindPDF to download and install

After opening the software, click Quick Open on the page, find the PDF file you want to edit in the pop-up window for uploading files, click Select and then click Open
Duplicate pages in pdf.

Step 2: After the document is opened, click Page Management on the page, find the page area in the ribbon, and then click Copy in it

Step 3: At this point, you will open the settings popup for the copy page.

Set the scope and destination of the copied pages as required, and then click OK.

After copying, click Save Document

Copy the pdf of the page.

In this way, copying PDF documents, preventing units from blocking the copying method of PDF documents, and preventing different PDF documents from copying local PDF documents and copying shared PDF documents, you can choose the appropriate PDF document copy protection PDF encryption software according to your own needs. , structured to protect the security of intangible assets of documents and commercial grounds, PDF.

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