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2022-08-04 11:05

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We all know that most PDF files can be modified by a PDF editor, except for scanned PDFs. Scanned PDF files are actually composed of images. How to edit scanned PDF files? To edit a scanned PDF file, you need to use the text recognition technology of a professional PDF editor to recognize the scanned PDF file as an editable PDF file and then edit it. At present, there are many editors with OCR technology on the market. Today I will give you Everyone's recommends a PDF that I personally think is good for protecting OCR text recognition technology.

PDF's OCR text recognition technology is to recognize scanned high-definition files as editable PDF documents:

when converting scanned PDF documents into editable PDF files, when converting files into readable, editable, and searchable PDF files, it preserves the look and feel of the file well, plus the plugin supports multiple languages (like English, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, French, German, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.), that is, the feature is available regardless of the user's language.

Today, I would like to recommend a new PDF tool "AmindPDF Editor" with OCR text recognition technology. You can recognize the scanned PDF file as an editable PDF file through the text recognition function, and then edit it through the PDF editor.

Text Recognition Steps:

Step 1: After downloading AmindPDF on the official website of AmindPDF, open the PDF file that requires text recognition in AmindPDF:

Step 2: After opening the PDF file, click the "Tools" button in the menu bar, and then click the "Text Recognition" button under the Tools button, and the "Language Selection" dialog box will pop up. There are more than 20 languages that can be selected, click to select Click the "OK" button in the lower right corner of the language to be converted, and the system will automatically recognize the document and recognize the scanned PDF file as an editable PDF file.


The above is what I introduced about OCR technology and how to use OCR technology. I hope the above content can help to solve the problem as quickly as possible when OCR text recognition technology is needed. text.

If you know what OCR text recognition software is, or want to know more about the AmindPDF editor, you can check the AmindPDF official website.

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