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2022-08-04 10:58

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The easiest way to split PDF files! PDF files have been loved by people since their inception. Whether you are an office worker or a student, you will make or receive various PDF files yourself. Stability and reliability are the biggest features of PDF files. PDF files perform various operations, such as converting PDFs to other file formats, merging PDFs, etc. Detailed operation methods can be found on the Internet. Today I will show you an operation that has a high probability of use but many people do not understand, which is PDF splitting.

What is PDF split? It is to split a complete pdf file into a page-by-page pdf file. Many people are looking for the operation method on the Internet. Today, I will give you a detailed method and step introduction. Please come with me if you need it. Go ahead and learn, it's simple and easy to use, and you can learn it in a minute.

The APP required: AmindPDF


First, download AmindPDF on your iPhone or iPad, click to open the APP, enter the main page of the software, and find [PDF splitting function] in the menu bar


After clicking PDF split, find the file that needs to be modified and split in the file management


Then, after the PDF file is uploaded, the first is to split according to the directory, and the other is to split according to the number of pages. The number of pages is divided into several parts according to the fixed number of pages, and the fixed point is divided into the number of unfixed pages. , you can set the number of pages for each PDF file;

How to divide a PDF file into several smaller files? This method is unique, isn't it? If you have friends who don't know, please share this article with them! I hope these simple actions will help you!
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