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2022-08-04 11:10

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In order to ensure the security of files, we usually add passwords to PDF files. However, many individuals and small partners do not know how to add passwords to PDF files.

Today, the editor will share with you a method to add a password to a PDF file, if you are interested, you can take a look.

To add a password to a PDF file, it is necessary to use a special PDF tool. My most commonly used PDF tool is "AmindPDF", which can not only set an open password for PDF, but also set a PDF printing password and PDF modification password. Remove the password added in AmindPDF.


Step 1: Download and install the AmindPDF software, and open the PDF file that needs to be encrypted.

After the installation is complete, open its software, select the "Protect" button in the function bar, you can see that it supports operations such as dividing, merging, encrypting, removing passwords, and deleting pages.

Select the PDF encryption function we need, enter the function interface, and click the Add File or Add Folder button to add a file.

Step 2: Add password to PDF file

When we click enter password, we can click enter password.


Step 3: Complete the encryption operation.

If you want to know whether our file password is successfully set, you can check the status bar of the software interface.

When the progress bar shows 100%, it means our PDF file has been encrypted successfully! You can open the PDF file, and after opening it, you can find that you need a password to view it!

Step 4: PDF File Decryption

If you added a password to the PDF in the AmindPDF software, you can remove the password in AmindPDF, open the encrypted PDF file, and click the "Remove Password" button in the "Security" of the main menu, then click the Save button, close the file and open it again, you can open the file directly without entering a password.

The above is the operation steps of adding password and contact password to PDF with AmindPDF. Of course, there are many ways to add password to PDF file, and the above is just one of them.

I hope today's method helps you!

AmindPDF also has very complete tools for you to editing your PDF on Windows o Mac, lets have a quick look.

We often come into contact with many PDF files in work or study, and many times, we may also need to edit and modify PDF files. In the past, if we wanted to achieve such an operation, we usually needed to convert the PDF file to a Word document before editing it. But with the continuous update and progress of PDF editors, now, we can directly edit and modify PDF files by using special PDF editing tools- AmindPDF.

Open "AmindPDF Editor" on the computer, click the "Select File" button on the home page, and open the PDF file that needs to be edited

Then click the "Edit Text and Image" button in the submenu bar, the editable text will be automatically displayed in the text box, you can directly click to edit the PDF, and you can directly modify the text color, font, font size and alignment, etc. when you select the text.

Not only can you modify the original text and pictures, but you can also click the "Add Text" and "Add Picture" buttons to add text and pictures.

In general, whether it is on a mobile phone or a computer, it is very simple to edit PDF with AmindPDF, which can effectively help us solve many problems without downloading other software. In addition, in addition to editing and modifying PDF, AmindPDF can also read PDF and add notes, PDF to Word, PDF to image, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF merge, PDF split, PDF encryption, PDF decryption , PDF page management, PDF adding watermark, PDF creation and other functions, can meet all your needs for PDF. You can download this App for your phone in Google Play Store or Apple Store, and for PC terminal only need to download on our official website.

Thanks for taking time to read this article~

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