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2022-08-04 11:12

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When will the document be electronically printed as a pdf file, how can I print out my phone number and then print it out? Technology has developed deeply into what we are today, it is not ours, we need intelligent learning to realize it now!

PDF Scanner ( 1.1 APK تحميل - Android APK -  APKsHub

What AmindPDF can provide you to scan papers to PDF?

-HD scan
Take photos of documents with your mobile phone, automatically remove cluttered backgrounds, and produce high-definition PDF or JPEG files. Multi-image processing mode, manually adjust image parameters to make the document clearer.
-Intelligent management and annotation
Label classification, handwritten annotations, and document encryption can be added, which is convenient and orderly, efficient and safe.
-Image search
Intelligent OCR text recognition, advanced account can also turn the text on the picture into TXT text for export.
-Document collaboration and sharing
It supports faxing documents to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, supports wireless printing, can initiate invitations, share with friends, and view and comment documents together.
-Cloud synchronization
Mobile phones, tablets, computers and other terminals are synchronized at any time, edited in one place, and updated in real time. Support third-party cloud storage.

Do you want to know more features of AmindPDF?

7 Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers - FlippingBook Blog
We are often exposed to various types of document formats in our work, such as Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, etc. Many people may know and edit Word, Excel and PPT, but when it comes to PDF, many people may not know how to create Or edit PDF, then how to create PDF in your mobile or iPad?

So today I will teach you how to quickly create various types of PDF documents.
For now, there are many types of PDFs that can be created:
Scan to create: scan paper documents to create PDF files;
Convert and create: convert pictures or Word, Excel documents, etc. into PDF files;
PDF tool creation: directly create blank pages with PDF tools, and you can also use the PDF editor function to copy other text or images into the created PDF blank pages to edit PDF.
Whether it is a mobile phone to create a PDF or a computer to create a PDF, we first need a professional PDF tool. I recommend a PDF tool that I often uses "AmindPDF Editor", a tool that can create PDF documents for free.
AmindPDF Editor mobile terminal to create PDF files:
(1) Download "AmindPDF Editor" on your mobile phone, and open AmindPDF Editor;
(2) Click the "+" icon in the lower right corner of the home page to enter the PDF creation interface;
(3) In the PDF creation interface, the main methods for creating PDF files are: creating blank pages, from photo albums, from scanning
Create blank pages: You can directly create blank PDFs, and the created blank PDF files can edit text and pictures arbitrarily through the PDF editing function;
From album: Click to extract pictures from albums to create PDF files;
Scan to create: Click to jump to the PDF scanning interface, scan the paper version in high-definition, you can also trim the scanned page, and then name it and save it as a PDF file.

how to create PDF in your computer?

(1) Download "Golden Flash PDF Editor" on the computer to open the software, click "Open File" on the home page to select a local file to open or drag the PDF file to be opened to the "Open File" area to open the PDF file;
(2) After opening the PDF file, click the "Tools" button in the main menu bar, and then click the "Create" button in the submenu bar, and the "Add File" dialog box will pop up;
(3) Create a PDF file: Click the "Add File" button to add the pictures that need to create a PDF. You can adjust the added file up and down in the "Adjust" dialog box, and you can also remove the file at any time. After adjusting, click the "OK" button 

(4) Convert other formats to PDF to create PDF files

(5)Open any other Word, Excel or PPT file, for example, open a Word document, click the "File - Save As" button, when selecting the file type, select the "PDF" file type, then modify the file name and select the file save location. Click the "Save" button later to save the Word file as a PDF file.
The above are several simple and free ways to create PDF files, I hope they can help you

Amindpdf: PDF Reader & Editor - Apps on Google Play
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