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OCR refers to the process by which electronic equipment examines characters printed on paper, determines their shape by detecting dark and light patterns, and then uses character recognition methods to translate the shape into computer text.
The purpose of an OCR recognition system is very simple. It only needs to convert the image, so that the graphics in the image can continue to be saved, and if there is a table, the data in the table and the text in the image will all be converted into computer text, so that the image data can be achieved.
The storage capacity is reduced, the recognized characters can be reused and analyzed, and of course, manpower and time for keyboard input can be saved. How to debug or use auxiliary information to improve recognition accuracy is the most important topic of OCR. Simply put, this feature makes non-editable or difficult-to-edit documents editable.
How to use the OCR of AmindPDF?
AmindPDF OCR is available for Windows and all mobile devices.

-Firstly, you need to download the AmindPDF app for your equipment and open the PDF file that you wanna copy any text.

-Then, click the “Tool” button, then check the “Text recognize” and choose the text part that you want to text recognition, choose the determined language you gonna recognize, and finally click the “OK” button.

-After analyzing the text of the PDF, you will get the text editable. Then you could copy the part of the text you want.

Except AmindPDF has the function of OCR, some excellent PDF editors have OCR function on the market, let’s have a quick look:
For Mac: Readiris Pro 17 is an optical recognition OCR software specially developed and designed for Mac users, which can scan paper, PDF files, and image files into editable text.

For PC: ShareX

ShareX is a completely free and open-source tool.

Strictly speaking, ShareX is not a pure OCR tool. On the contrary, it is more appropriate to call it a screenshot tool. I mentioned ShareX when I introduced the screenshot tool in the previous article. However, I would like to introduce this tool again as an OCR tool, because it is also significantly better than most tools in terms of OCR capabilities.
ShareX has the following advantages

-completely free


ShareX is a composite tool that takes screenshots as the starting point and can select a series of continuous actions. You can choose to upload after screenshot, save after screenshot, add watermark after screenshot, or scan QR code after screenshot. Of course, you can also choose text recognition after screenshots, so that it becomes an OCR tool.
Tips for editing scanned PDF with OCR:
-Test setup different pages and apply OCR to see how it works before scanning the entire stack of documents. Set up OCR for best results.
-High-quality scans provide the best OCR results. As a rule of thumb, make sure you scan documents between 300 and 600 dpi for the best OCR results.
-Insufficient contrast can cause OCR to fail to recognize text in the original document overlaid with too bright or too dark graphics. If this problem occurs, adjust the contrast to ensure that the OCR function can read the text.
-Use the black and white setting for best results.
-To avoid "confused" OCR with distorted text, make sure the source file is lying flat on the scanner.
In general, AmindPDF’s OCR function is pretty easy and efficient to use, and AmindPDF is not only the master in the OCR function area but also in PDF editing, annotating, dividing and combining, managing PDF files, etc. If you want to know more about AmindPDF’s features, can download and try it from the official website.

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