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2022-08-04 10:52

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In normal work and study, we often encounter some scattered PDF files, which are troublesome to open or transmit. At this time, you need to use the commonly used PDF file merging function.

It is recommended that you avoid using online tools for merging. First, the privacy of files is easily leaked. Second, most of the merged files have garbled characters or incorrect formats.

PDF supports the creation of new PDF documents, and can also directly edit existing PDF documents, so how to merge multiple PDFs together to form a new document for editing? I believe that many users need to use this function, and then let's learn how to quickly realize PDF merging.

Here I recommend you to use a PDF converter for merging solutions



  • Click the Merge PDF option below the toolbar, and click Merge PDF to automatically jump to the merge operation interface.

  • Click to select the file to open the PDF document or drag and drop the file to the prompt position on the interface to add the PDF file. After adding, it will automatically enter the merge setting interface. (Selecting multiple files at once is supported.) Click OK.

  • The merged PDF will directly create a new merged PDF file.


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