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This article selects the mainstream PDF readers/editors on the market for evaluation. I hope that after reading the article, you will have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the entire PDF product market, which can provide you with some help in choosing software.

First of all, we need to clarify the concept of "PC". Systems that can run on PCs include Windows, macOS, Linux, and even WebOS. Because the product advantages of different platforms are different, and even some products only support a certain platform, this article mainly introduces the PDF reader/editor of the Windows platform.

Because of its inherent cross-platform and security features, the PDF format has now become a must-have format for office and study. It is superior to other document formats in terms of reading, transmission, printing and document protection.

Reader: Generally free, it focuses on reading and has some simple annotation and printing functions, which can meet the needs of most individual users. If a company has both a reader and an editor, the reader is a castrated version of the editor, and there is no difference in the use of specific functions.

Editor: As the name says, it has more advanced editing functions, and it is also charged. Of course, it is not only editing, but also more advanced functions such as conversion, splitting and merging, identification, protection and other functions that are in high demand. For enterprises and users with advanced needs.

Acrobat DC

When it comes to PDF, I have to say Adobe Acrobat DC, because the PDF standard is formulated by Adobe, and the standard is still being updated. PDF2.0 was released a few years ago, in fact, many products have not yet adapted. There is no doubt that Acrobat's functions are the most professional and cutting-edge. Of course, because of its American origin and semi-monopoly status, the price is relatively expensive and not suitable for ordinary users.

In terms of platform support, Acrobat has coverage in addition to Linux, while providing a consistent user experience. Acrobat does not use the Ribbon method that Windows users are accustomed to in terms of user experience, and made a major revision many years ago. At present, the version you download is the toolbar + tool collection panel method, and the user experience is also a matter of opinion.

Advantages: multiple functions, strong professionalism, multi-platform support

Disadvantages: Expensive, bulky, user experience reviews vary

Foxit PDF

The feature set, performance, and stability are also similar to Acrobat. In terms of platform support, Foxit PDF covers all platforms. In terms of interaction design, Foxit PDF adopts the same classic Ribbon design as Office, which is easy for users to use

Advantages: multiple functions, strong professionalism, full platform support

Disadvantage: bulky



WPS was originally focused on Microsoft Office competition Word, Excel, PPT format processing. The membership system is divided into multiple levels of WPS, member and super member.
In terms of platform support, WPS like Foxit, has full platform coverage.

In terms of interaction design, because WPS covers both Office format and PDF format support, the information covered by the entire software is obviously very large and complex, and it is not easy to focus on PDF processing.

Advantages: multiple and complex functions, full platform support, cloud synchronization, affordable price

Disadvantages: general professionalism, general user experience


Wondershare PDF

Wondershare has a number of well-known products. Generally speaking, PDFelement can basically meet the needs of ordinary users, but if you delve into some functions, you may be disappointed, such as conversion to other formats, OCR recognition and other effects.

The performance and stability are lower than Acrobat. Lack of Linux and Web support in platform support.

In terms of interaction design, whether from the overall design or the use of specific functions, prompts, etc., there is a suspicion of copying Acrobat, and I feel that I have not caught the user's habit, and the overall experience is somewhat confusing.

Advantages: many functions, small size

Disadvantages: poor effect of advanced functions, poor user experience


AmindPDF is a rising star among many PDF editors, with self-developed technology, simple UI, easy to use. Multi-function and cheap premium membership, currently supports Windows and smartphone

Advantages: many function sets, strong professionalism, high price

Disadvantages: poor user experience, only supports Windows platform

Sumatra PDF

SumatraPDF is a small reader with only 8MB. It focuses on reading and can do several very simple highlighting. It also supports ePub, MOBI, XPS, CHM, CBZ, CBR file formats. The software is developed by an independent developer based on the open source MuPDF, and the software has also been open sourced.

Advantages: free, small size, fast speed

Disadvantages: few functions, only support Windows platform

Browser plugin

The browser plug-in consists of two parts. In the early days, the browser software did not support reading PDF files directly, and some plug-ins were required, such as downloading the PDF reading plug-in separately from the Chrome plug-in store. But now such plug-ins have been slowly replaced by the browser itself and some Web online document software. For example, the commonly used Chrome and Edge have their own PDF reading and simple annotation functions.

Advantages: Free, cross-platform, no need to install separately, excellent experience

Disadvantage: few features


For users who focus on reading and simple annotation, and do not need to pay for an editor at all, Acrobat Reader and AmindPDF are the first choices.

If you are concerned about the size of the software, it is recommended to choose Sumatra PDF or view it directly with the system browser.

For editing needs or enterprise users, it is recommended to use the most cost-effective — AmindPDF. If you have sufficient funds to purchase Acrobat DC, you will not be disappointed either.

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