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2022-08-04 10:58

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We sometimes split a PDF into multiple PDF files for the convenience of reading or sending part of the PDF file to others. But many people don't know how to split PDF files. Today, I recommend a PDF splitting tool "AmindPDF" that can be used on both mobile phones and PC that I often use.

Without further ado, let’s go directly to the tutorial:

AmindPDF for Windows

Step 1: First, find the official website of AmindPDF on your computer and download the Windows version of AmindPDF;

Step 2: Click the "Select File" button on the home page to open the local PDF file that needs to extract PDF pages or drag the file to the "Open File" area to open it;

Step 3: Click the "Split" button in the submenu bar on the PDF page editing interface, and a PDF split dialog box will pop up. There are three main split methods: split by page number, by file, and by top-level directory.


Split by page: Enter the number of pages to be split after "Maximum Number of Pages", then click the "Output Layer Directory" button in the lower-left corner to set the save location of the split PDF file and set the label, and then click the "OK" button to exit In the Output Settings dialog box, click the "OK" button in the lower right corner of the Split PDF dialog box to split the PDF file. After the quick split is completed, the split PDF file folder will be opened automatically. Click to open and view directly.

According to the way of splitting by pages above, you can also split PDF files by file size and by top-level directory.

AmindPDF for Mobile

Step 1: Download "AmindPDF" on your mobile phone or tablet and open it, find the "PDF Split" button on the home page, and click to enter the PDF split interface;


Step 2: In the PDF splitting interface, click the "Select File" button, then click the "Select Splitting Method" button, you can split by directory or by number of pages, and finally, click the "Start Split" button to automatically split PDF files;

Step 3: After the split is complete, a dialog box will pop up at the bottom of whether to open the file. Click the "Open" button directly to jump to the file selection interface. You can directly click the "Split" folder to open the file.

Why choose AmindPDF?

1. Fully functional can basically meet all your needs for PDF functions;

2. Powerful functions, mature editing functions, can edit PDF text and pictures like Word, can quickly merge and split PDF documents, and convert PDF files efficiently;

3. Starting from the needs of users, it provides all-around services for users. At present, the mobile (Android and IOS) version, the Windows version on the PC side, and the Mac version in the development stage have been launched;

4. The operation is simple and easy to understand. Even a computer novice can quickly get started and improve your work efficiency.

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