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2022-08-04 10:43

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PDF files are a format that is commonly used in our daily work and study. However, we all know that, unlike Word documents, PDF files cannot be easily edited. So, if you don't have a PC with which to edit the PDF files you want on the go or outdoors, you can actually edit PDFs on your iPad . Today, I will introduce to you a new PDF tool — AmindPDF which can be edited at will on iPad.

AmindPDF is the latest domestic PDF editor, available for Android, IOS and Windows. AmindPDF Editor has complete functions, simple interface and no advertisements, easy operation, especially powerful editing functions. The mobile terminal editing PDF function can meet your needs for editing PDF anytime and anywhere, and prompt your work efficiency.

The main editing functions of AmindPDF editing PDF on iPad are:

(1) Editing PDF text and pictures: including adding and deleting text and pictures, modifying text color, font, font size and bolding, modifying paragraphs, etc., you can also crop pictures, move and zoom pictures, copy pictures, etc

(2) Annotate PDF text: add highlight, underline, strikethrough, pencil or marker drawing, eraser, add sticky notes, etc. to PDF files

(3) Edit PDF pages: add or delete PDF pages, extract or rotate PDF pages, guy PDF page order, and more

In addition to editing PDF, there are other commonly used PDF functions. If you are often exposed to PDF tools, you must not miss AmindPDF, which can maximize your work efficiency

AmindPDF editing PDF tutorial on iPad:

Step 1: Download "AmindPDF Editor" on your iPad, open the AmindPDF Editor, and open the PDF file to be edited in the "File" on the home page;

Step 2: After opening the PDF file, click the "Edit" button at the bottom to enter the PDF editing interface, the editable PDF will be automatically displayed in the PDF document, and you can directly click to edit the PDF;

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