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2022-08-04 11:02

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The Kindle is very popular right now, and most people only use it to read the content of e-books. Whether you rely on the Kindle or the Kindle app for reading, you'll find that you can also read PDF files on the Kindle. More precisely, in the Kindle, the content of a PDF file is displayed as text graphics and its layout is exactly like the original PDF document. Also, Kindle PDFs or Kindle apps have their email addresses. So in addition to reading PDF files on kindle, it also allows you to send any PDF file directly to your gadget and you can just attach it to any email.

Do you want to know more about how to copy the text in PDF?

The text in the PDF is more like the text in the picture. Unlike other file formats, it can be directly edited or copied and pasted. When compiling the copy, you need to refer to some documents in special formats, but because of the particularity of such documents, it is impossible to Copy the text in the document. As a document format, PDF has the advantage that the layout is not easy to be confused. Commonly used PDF documents are converted from electronic documents such as word or excel to PDF, or from pictures to PDF documents. So how can the text in the PDF be copied? 

Three methods are feasible now, and I will introduce them to you one by one.

Method 1:OCR technology

What is OCR?

OCR is text recognition, accurate recognition of picture text, and fast recognition of picture text.

The most significant advantage of PDF files is that the security is very high, so the text in the PDF file cannot be easily copied, but with the continuous improvement of scanning technology, if you want to use the text in the document, you can use the "image recognition" method to Generate text.

For using OCR to copy the text of PDF, you might try AmindPDF, who already owned this technology for a long time, and is pretty mature in this area.

How to copy text by OCR technology of AmindPDF?

Firstly, you need to download the AmindPDF app for your equipment and open the PDF file that you wanna copy any text

Then, click the “Tool” button, check the “Text recognize” and choose the text part that you want to text recognition, choose the determined language you gonna to recognize,  then click the “ok” button.

-After analyzing the text of the PDF, you will get the text editable. Then you could copy the part of the text you want.

Method 2:Converting PDF to an editable format

In addition to using screenshots and image recognition to convert text content, you can also use format conversion tools to convert PDF files into other formats. copying its contents. Using AmindPDF, you can convert PDF files into common document formats such as Word, TXT, DOC, Excel, Html, etc. After the conversion is completed, you can copy the content of the document that you need.

Method 3: Using a PDF editor to copy the text into PDF

In addition to using the above two methods to copy the content of the PDF document, there is also a very simple method, download a PDF editor directly from the software store. Here I recommend AmindPDF, the one have the most mature PDF editing function that you can not only copy the text of PDF, but also edit the text in the paragraph as well as change its font, font size, and color of PDF, Add annotations, notes are texts that introduce and comment on the vocabulary, content, background, and quotations of a book or article. You can also easily edit, delete and move annotations.

I assume that you want to know more about AmindPDF?

AmindPDF focuses on PDF technology research and the development of PDF tool products.

Since 2018, our team has been using PDFium as a foundation to solve a series of PDF applications such as table recognition, paragraph recognition, content editing, annotation editing, bookmark editing, page organization, etc. The team has developed AmidPDF Editor for Windows desktop and Android and iOS mobile. Meanwhile, we have developed the PDF Toolkit, such as PDF View SDK, PDF Edit SDK, PDF Watermark SDK, PDF Table SDK, PDF Content SDK, etc, which help middle and small-sized enterprises quickly integrate PDF applications into their business processes or workflows.

We will continue to focus on the research and development of PDF application technologies and tools to provide more stable and user-friendly PDF applications to users around the world.

We also welcome all partners with PDF application needs or business needs to cooperate with us and jointly expand the technology and market of the PDF application field!
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