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2022-08-04 11:01

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How do pictures generate PDF files? We all know that in interior design or other design work, painting is indispensable. It's very troublesome to draw a lot of pictures every day and revise them repeatedly. Some images will have data errors due to inadvertent mouse or keyboard delays, which can be cumbersome to check. Design drawings are valuable, and it is necessary to protect the results of labor. In fact, converting pictures to PDF files can solve the above problems. Everyone thinks that the files in the image format are easier to read, but I believe many people and the editor are confused, because the files in the image format have no security at all, so for the sake of security, the image format is often converted into a PDF format that is not easy to modify. So how to convert pictures to PDF?


Preparation tool: AmindPDF
AmindPDF is a full-featured PDF reading tool, and it also has a file conversion function. We can convert pictures to PDF, and we can read them directly after the PDF conversion is completed.

1. Before conversion, we need to download and install AmindPDF. You can download it on the homepage of this site, or go to the official website of AmindPDF to download it. After installation, open the software and use it.

2. After opening the software, move the mouse to the toolbar at the top of the page, click the [Convert] function in the toolbar of the home page, and then open the pop-up window for selecting a file.


3. Select the folder to save to, and then click the [ok] button on the pop-up page to start the conversion. After the conversion is completed, you can browse the files.


How to convert pictures to PDF with high quality? Use the above method to complete the picture to PDF conversion. Everyone can easily learn after reading it. If you still can’t save it, you can collect it and learn it slowly. I hope my method can help you.

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