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2022-08-04 10:43

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As an indispensable software for editing PDF, PDF editor is becoming more and more widely used by people, and people are gradually familiar with it. Using a PDF editor to modify text content is a function of PDF editing. Generally speaking, it needs to be treated in two cases, one is that the text in the PDF is text, and the other is that the text in the PDF is a picture. As the latest domestic PDF editor, AmindPDF not only has rich PDF text modification functions, but also has its own OCR function, which can convert the text on the picture into editable text.

AmindPDF currently mainly has Windows, Android and IOS version. let me introduce the AmindPDF editor on the PC

The specific steps of using the Windows version to modify the text content of AmindPDF are as follows:

1. Log in to the official website of AmindPDF, register as a software user for free, download the Windows version of AmindPDF to the computer, and open the software to log in after installation

2. Open the AmindPDF editor, select the PDF to be modified in the "Open File" of the AmindPDF open page, and open it to the first page of the PDF page as shown in the following figure

3. In the main menu bar at the top, click the "Edit" button, and then click the "Edit Text and Picture" button in the submenu bar, the editable text will be automatically displayed in the text box, and you can modify the font, font size, Paragraphs and colors, etc., you can also move text boxes and modify pictures in PDFs. Right-click the picture, you can rotate, crop, replace, copy, delete the picture, you can also put the picture on the top or bottom layer, etc.

4. Click the "Add Text" button in the menu bar, and then click anywhere in the file, a text box will be displayed, and text can be added in the text box, and the added text can be modified arbitrarily

5. Click the "Add Picture" button in the menu bar, the Add Folder dialog box will pop up, you can select the picture you want to add in the local folder and add it

Edit and modify PDF text with AmindPDF mobile version (Android or IOS)

Many people will say that mobile PDF editors are not very useful, and mobile editing is very inconvenient, but there are still many friends who often touch PDF files. They may be inconvenient to open the computer outdoors, or need to urgently modify several files in the file. Words, etc. In these cases, if you can modify it directly through the mobile phone, it can actually improve a lot of work efficiency

Download "AmindPDF Editor" on your mobile phone or tablet, and open the PDF file to be modified, go to the PDF reading interface, and then click the "Edit" button to enter the PDF editing interface;

Edit text: Enter the PDF text editing interface, click on the mobile phone keyboard, you can modify the text color, font, font size and paragraph, etc., then click the "Add Text" button at the bottom, and then click any blank space to add a new text. text;

Picture editing: Click the "picture" icon at the top to enter the picture editing interface, you can move, zoom, rotate, copy, crop the picture, place the picture on the top layer and the bottom layer, and so on.


How to edit and modify PDF text? In order to greatly improve work efficiency, AmindPDF Editor provides users with a variety of text modification methods, hoping to help everyone.

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