Are there any charges for PDF editing software now?

Ricardo Lee

2022-08-04 11:28

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What I want to say is that as of now, none of the reliable PDF editing software you can find on the market is free, or completely free.
Of course, some would say that online PDF tools are editable. Let's not talk about the problem of easy privacy leakage first. Anyone who has used it must know that problems such as garbled characters and format errors are too common, and no one can save your worries.
Let's talk about the issue of free. First of all, a software promotion itself is a commercial activity, and it is software developed for profit. If software wants to survive, it must be profitable. Either through ad embedding, aka advertisers, or through our user base. After all, You cannot pay your workers in passion...


However, as a reliable PDF office editing software, too many advertisements cannot be embedded. First, it will greatly affect the operation function page, and second, the user experience will be very poor.

So you will find that the reliable PDF editing software is charged, and that software under the banner of so-called "free" are free?

Page limit, watermark limit... In the end, you still need to pay to lift the limit. To put it bluntly, it is to earn some "free" traffic.

Anyone who often edits PDFs or is engaged in related industries should know that, as long as a professional PDF editing software wants to use it without watermarks, it needs to be charged.

Back to the topic, PDF editing software requires a certain amount of technical accumulation. The software that developers spent several years promoting should be supported, and developers should not pay for it because some people want to blindly pursue "free". Instead of wasting extra time downloading those "free" software and trial and error, it's better to spend a little "silver" to get it right in one step.

In the words of netizens: it is the most economical to not spend extra time on trial and error

As a PDF file editor, what I want to say is: the ones that are charged are not necessarily easy to use, but the ones that are easy to use must be charged.



Finally, let's introduce our PDF editing software - AmindPDF

The software can directly edit PDF pages, PDF texts, PDF backgrounds, PDF watermarks, PDF page numbers, PDF forms, and other sub-options with nearly hundreds of functions. It can be said that all you need is here, and it is also very smooth for small partners with low computer configuration, and there are no ads throughout the process!

(Of course, there is also a membership system, I am so sincere)


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