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2022-08-04 11:05

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How does PDF recognize text? Generally speaking, current browsers, PDF readers, PDF editors, WPS, and Offices can all open and view PDF files, and 1 can copy the text in it, without the need for special text. But in some cases, you will find that when you want to select a piece of text, there is no way to select it, let alone copy and paste it. So what is the reason that the text cannot be selected? The reason is that this piece of the document is not a text layer, but an image, either the document is a scanned copy, or the text is made on the image and inserted into the PDF. The solution is very simple. Now the OCR technology is very powerful. As long as the text is recognized with one click, it can be used for itself. So how does PDF use OCR to recognize text?

Next, let's take a look at how the OCR function is used in AmindPDF.

Step 1: Open the AmindPDF

Then choose to open the PDF document we need to execute, which can be said to be one of the special functions of AmindPDF.

Step 2: Set the text before OCR is executed.

First, we need to set the language of ORC conversion, click the file option, then find the favorite setting at the bottom, and select OCR in the pop-up dialog box, we choose the language after conversion, AmindPDF provides us with nearly dozens of Language, after we set the language, we can execute the OCR command, which language is set according to the image and text, OCR can be done correctly only if it is set to the text that is consistent with the image and text.

Step 3: Directly click the conversion command below the toolbar, and then click the OCR button in the toolbar, the OCR command dialog box will pop up, we click the custom page, select the OCR command page we need to execute, and then click the OK button, Wait for the computer to automatically perform OCR to end.

Note: The OCR (Optical Recognition) function has high requirements for the quality of PDF documents.

If it is a PDF document, the background color is complex, which will lead to unclear text recognition and code confusion. Therefore, try to avoid identifying very fancy PDF documents.
Introduced OCR image and text recognition.

Step 4: Edit the text in the table.

When the text of the converted PDF document appears in the outer frame of the text box, we can place the mouse cursor in the text box, and then we can directly edit the text.

How to use regional OCR?

AmindPDF will take up a lot of computer memory when performing OCR functions, so when we only need to edit some PDF documents, we will use another OCR command of AmindPDF

Sometimes we don't need to perform the OCR function on all pages, just edit the table on this page.

Then we can use the command area OCR to convert only part of the content.

Click the conversion command, find the area OCR command in the toolbar, click the area OCR, then draw the area you want to convert, and click the recognition in the right menu bar, so that you can save a lot of time in the process of OCR recognition!

The best tool for editing text is AmindPDF.

Although PDFs are not easy to modify, you can edit them directly by downloading a professional PDF editor. Below I will introduce you to 4 of the most professional PDF editors on the market. Allows you to easily modify your PDF text fonts!

First way: You can choose the determined text font with the edit text model.

Start up with AmindPDF, choose the objected PDF documents, and open it

Click the “Edit” button and check the text part that you are willing to change the font, we provide hundreds of fonts that you can choose.

You can also change the font and the size of the text, so that can be more personalized and can be more flexible.

With AmindPDF, you can also enjoy other rich tools to edit pdf text, such as highlight, underline, strikethrough, annotation, brush, polygon, signature, handwritten signature, etc. 

AmindPDF has more wonderful features that you might need:

-Compress PDF and image files without losing quality.

-Edit or annotate PDF documents with a lot of colorful tools.

-AmindPDF supports modifying PDF text and images. It allows you to edit PDF documents like Word easily.

-Convert any format to PDF documents or PDF to any format just in a few minutes.

-Powerful PDF files manager can help you manage them easily to improve your office work.

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