How did PDF files become popular?

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2022-08-04 11:27

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Nowadays, many people study or work on the computer. Some documents and other things need to be circulated to each other. However, the format opened by different office versions may change, which has a great impact on the efficiency of work and study. At this time, PDF can solve this problem well, so that now whether it is circulating documents or printing papers by graduates, PDF versions are used. So how did PDF files become popular?


Although PDF has many functions, it is the most basic and best to use, and the most advantageous is "consistent output". No matter what system you use, your screen displays and printouts are what the publisher wants.

The main reason why the PDF format is popular is that the content conveyed by the file is consistent with the expected output/display content on any platform, any reader. PDFs are also designed with various security aspects. For example, a publisher can digitally sign a PDF file with a security key. The file cannot then be altered while maintaining the digital signature. Similarly, there are specifications such as opening passwords to ensure that files cannot be seen by unrelated people.

PDF inherits from PostScript, and PostScript succeeds because it is a Turing-complete language rather than a format: to support new typesetting requirements, simply program in the PostScript file, without having to upgrade the interpreter code. In this way, tools and systems that support PostScript can achieve long-term effectiveness, and long-term effectiveness is vitality.

PDF has become a workplace etiquette rule, reducing the chance of problems, you and I see 1 is 1, 2 is 2.

Therefore, to make it easy for everyone to read, PDF files are gradually used, and PDF has become more and more popular.
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