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2022-08-04 11:31

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Whether we work or live, we need to use files. The text of some files cannot be edited directly. At this time, we need to use OCR recognition software. OCR recognition software can realize one-click recognition of scanned PDFs, pictures, and text. Suitable for friends who often come into contact with picture files.

OCR is a technique for converting image-based files into editable text. OCR technology is able to extract text from these images, making them editable.

If you noticed that find a nice and good pricing PDF OCR software, in this article, we'll take a look at the top 5 best free OCR software for 2022. that lets you edit scanned PDF files with ease.

1. Tesseract

Tesseract is one of the best OCR software that is free and open-source. It’s developed by Google and has one of the best engines to recognize texts from PDFs and images. The best function I have noticed is it can detect characters even from old books where the font size is too small and the text is almost illegible.


Highly recommend a new PDF tool AmindPDF with OCR text recognition technology.

You can download AmindPDF on the official website, and then open the PDF file that requires text recognition in AmindPDF:

-After opening the PDF file, click the "Tools" button in the menu bar, and then click the "Text Recognition" button under the Tools button, and the "Language Selection" dialog box will pop up. There are more than 20 languages ​​that can be selected.


-Click to select the language that needs to be converted. Then click the "OK" button in the lower right corner, and the system will automatically recognize the document and recognize the scanned PDF file as an editable PDF file.

AmindPDF’s OCR is quite mature and very professional in the market.


CC Intelligence is the vendor behind CamScanner and has over a decade of experience in OCR and image processing. CamScanner is a smartphone app built for document capture, transfer, and text extraction. Mobile scanner with edge cropping, device synchronization, and collaboration.


FreeOCR is a basic Windows application for extracting text from scans and documents. It supports uploading from TWAIN scanners and is compatible with most PDF and multi-page TIFF images.


ChronoScan is a Windows-exclusive suite of document scanning and data capture tools. It allows users to read and index large document sets and simplify data entry using OCR text extraction.

The above is what I introduced about OCR technology and how to use OCR technology. I hope the above content can help to solve the problem as quickly as possible when OCR text recognition technology is needed, and clearly identify the image in the picture when OCR text recognition software is needed.

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