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2022-08-04 11:11

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Android phones are deeply loved by everyone nowadays, but many novice friends do not know how to scan Android phones into PDF files. Today, I will talk with you about how to scan Android phones into PDF files with AmindPDF. I hope this experience can help you. 
How to quickly scan paper documents to PDF files? We often need to scan paper documents into PDF files for the convenience of saving or reading anytime, anywhere. What PDF scanning tools do you generally use? I often see that many friends around me are using Scanner for phone. If you only save scanned files, then this tool is definitely a very good tool, but if you often use PDF tools, you not only need to scan files as PDF files , but also to read PDF files, edit PDF files, merge or split PDFs, and even convert PDFs, etc., then you may also need to download a PDF tool separately.
Today I will introduce to you a very versatile and easy-to-use PDF tool. You can not only scan paper files to PDF files, but also edit PDFs, read PDFs and add annotations, convert PDFs to images, merge PDFs, split PDFs, and create PDFs. PDF page addition or deletion, PDF page extraction or rotation, exchange of PDF page order, PDF keyword full text search, PDF printing or sharing, etc., just download an APP to meet all your PDF needs.

Software: AmindPDF Editor (for Android)

Steps for scanning paper files into PDF files with AmindPDF Editor:
1.Download AmindPDF Editor on your mobile phone, open AmindPDF Editor, and click the "Scan" button on the home page to go to the PDF scanning interface;


(2) Click the "Start Scan" button at the bottom to jump to the camera to scan the paper file in high-definition;

(3) After scanning, you can quickly detect the page border, adjust the border, and rotate the page. After adjustment, click the "OK" button to complete the scan;


(4) After scanning, you can check the scanned PDF pages in the "PDF Scan" interface, and you can delete the redundant scanned pages. After clicking the "Save as PDF" button in the lower left corner, a "Prompt" dialog box will pop up, and you can directly name and save For PDF files, click the "Add More" button in the lower right corner, you can jump to the scanning interface to continue scanning, or you can directly click the "Picture" icon in the lower left corner to add pictures from the album.

The above is an introduction to the simple operation steps of AmindPDF Editor to scan paper files into PDF files. In addition to the simplest PDF scanning function, AmindPDF Editor has many other functions whether it is mobile or PC, not only that,

AmindPDF also sells SDKs for various functions on the mobile terminal and PC side. If you are interested in learning more, you can find it on the official website of AmindPDF, or you can leave us a message. AmindPDF welcomes you at any time.

Do you want to know how to print encrypted PDF on your phone?

It has many different printing methods and settings to help you print encrypted PDF easily.

Method 1: How to print encrypted PDF files with AmindPDF

AmindPDF Password Remover can help you copy, print and even edit limited document text for free because it can remove the password protection of PDF files.
The interface of this password remover is simple and intuitive, and it is easy to use without extensive knowledge of PDF protection.

Step 1: Open the PDF file with the password

After starting the AmindPDF Password Disassembler, you will see the Add File button in the upper left corner, click to import the PDF file, and then select the destination folder for output.

Step 2: Remove the print protection from the PDF

Once all settings are adjusted, the print restriction can be removed.
Click the Start button in the lower right to delete the copy directly and edit the print limit.
If you need to open the password, just click the lock icon to enter the password to continue.
If the PDF document is only protected by a permission password, there is no need to enter the password.

Step 3: Print the encrypted PDF file.

To avoid PDF printing limitations, use AmindPDF to print directly, or use any other PDF reader to continue printing.
Documents containing sensitive information are generally protected by encryption, so such documents cannot be opened directly, or cannot be printed or modified.

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