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2022-08-04 11:06

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In our daily work, we often come into contact with office documents in various formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF. In the process of reading documents, we can leave our own opinions and insights through the annotation function of office software. We all know that the editing of PDF files is not as simple as other files, so how to add comments in PDF files?

Next, the editor will explain to you how to add annotations to PDF files on Windows.

We need to use the Windows version of AmindPDF, click the above button on the Windows system computer to download the Windows version of AmindPDF, and then add the PDF file.
Step 1: Open AmindPDF, click on the home page to open the file, you need to add comments to open the PDF file.

AmindPDF product interface.

Step 2: We first look for annotations in the menu bar. In the toolbar below the annotations, we can see five options: annotations, typewriters, text boxes, text marks and attachments. These five options are also the types of annotations we can choose. The text mark will be explained here.

Step 3: Click to select a text note, and then move the mouse to the place where you need to add a text note. Click the mouse and enter the content of the text annotation into the text box, we can add the text annotation to the PDF document.

We can also manage the comments in the document, if the PDF document is long but with a lot of content.

Part II: Windows Managed Annotations in PDF Files.

In AmindPDF, there are two ways to realize annotation management in PDF files: one is to directly operate the right mouse button; the other is to use the annotation function of the left toolbar. Today we take the left toolbar as an example to explain the operation of annotation management.

Step 1: Find the toolbar on the left side of the page, and then click Notes, we can see that we arrange the notes in the order they were added.

Step 2: All annotations are very intuitive, we can clearly see the type and content of the annotation, we can modify the text content by double-clicking the annotation text; View on author and type; the two output arrows on the right represent input and output comments.

The above is the operation method of Windows annotation management that I explained to you today. The annotation operation in the new version is simpler than the previous one.
AmindPDF is a very professional PDF editor. In the future, the editor will bring you more PDF editing and modification, and I hope you will pay more attention to it.
You must wanna know more about AmindPDF features? I will explain to you.

-Page management: Support merge, split, crop, delete, add, swap, flatten and rotate page PDF documents.

-PDF editing: paragraph editing, text can be automatically rearranged in multiple paragraphs, multi-column pages, and support for adding watermark headers and footers.

- PDF Conversion: Convert PDF files into Word, PPT and Excel files, image formats, HTML and plain text files.

File encryption: Support password protection of PDF documents and set editing permissions. Click the "Protect" button, and then click the "Password" button to pop up the "Password Protection" dialog box, where you can set the file open permission password, file modification permission password, etc.

OCR recognition: Support to recognize the content of the image into searchable and editable text, and recognize the characters and text in the image.

Document signature: Prove the true identity of the signer of the document, so that the electronic document has the same legal effect.

-Make anotations on your PDF: Notes are texts that introduce and comment on the vocabulary, content, background, and quotations of a book or article. You can also easily edit, delete and move annotations.

-Add sticky note: when you are reading a book or some article that you want to send to other people and want them to know more focus, you can use this, l Double-click any newly added note content, a note note will pop up, and you can add content in the note;

lNote: After clicking the "" icon, click any blank space to add a note.
  If you had any doubts about how to use our products or some suggestions to improve AmindPDF, we will be quite happy and accept that. Write to us at: support@amindpdf.com
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