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Sometimes when we open a PDF file, we will find that the fonts are blurred and cannot be edited. This kind of situation is usually because the PDF file is converted from a scanned copy or an image, even with a special PDF editor. If it cannot be edited, of course, it is not completely impossible to edit. We can first recognize the text on the picture into an editable PDF format through OCR recognition technology, and then we can edit it normally through an ordinary PDF editor.


AmindPDF editor has OCR technology

Let's take a look at OCR first. OPTichacteion (OPTichacteion) text identification refers to the whole process of character printing on electronic device inspection paper and then translating the shape into computer text according to the character identification. The key index values for determining the performance of the OCR system are rejection rate, Misunderstanding rate, identification rate, user interface friendliness, product stability, ease of use, and feasibility. I am willing to give AmindPDF OCR full marks if we judge its performance according to the above criteria.

Let's take an example to feel the charm of AmindPDF.

Step 1: Download and install the OCR component.

When we download and install AmindPDF, the OCR component is not available by default, so if you use the OCR function for the first time, you need to download the OCR component first. The download process is very simple, just click OCR or regional OCR under the conversion tab. , the software will automatically prompt you to download, follow the guide to download and install.

Step 2: Open the PDF and convert it to a picture or scan.

When we open the PDF converted from pictures or scans, the software will automatically recognize and prompt us that this is a scan and suggest we perform OCR.

Step 3: PDF OCR is performed in whole or in part.

1. OCR is performed to all or part of the page.

Click the Execute OCR button in the above prompt, and the display window is as shown in the figure below. Here we can select the converted file type, document language, and the page to be converted. If you only need to edit a specific page, you can click the custom page option to select yourself For the specific page you want to convert, click OK to execute all or part of the OCR file page. Of course, you can also click the Convert tab under the OCR icon to complete the same function. After executing the OCR function, a PDF file will be generated, called the source file name_OCR, we can edit the text to be modified in this file, and save it after modification.

2. OCR is performed on a local area of a particular page of the document.

If we only need to modify the text part of a single page and the page of the picture is not suitable for the whole page OCR, then we can select the regional OCR icon, click the regional OCR icon under the conversion tab, and then select the document language on the right, drag with the mouse Moving the document area requires the OCR document area. Finally, click the Recognition button, and the text in the red box will be converted into editable text. At this time, we can edit the text in the box, just like converting from a text document to PDF and save the file after modification.

The above is the whole content of editing PDF text with AmindPDF, the convenience of PDF document editing, and the powerful OCR function, welcome to download Golden Flash PDF to experience!

AmindPDF ranks among the best in the field of text recognition and is the best PDF tool with OCR function. It has a very high-end OCR function and can perfectly recognize more than 20 languages including English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.

In addition to OCR text recognition technology, AmindPDF also has many other PDF functions, which can meet all your PDF needs.

It can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, text, images, etc. without changing the document quality, saving you a lot of time, and the files can be converted in batches.

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