How to modify added PDF annotations on Windows?


2022-08-04 11:05

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Can added PDF annotations be modified?

When we read PDF files, we are often used to adding annotations to PDF files, which may be highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, drawing some annotations, adding annotations, etc.

It may often appear that after adding annotations, we want to delete or modify annotations In this case, can the added PDF annotations be modified? How should I modify PDF annotations?

Here will disclose to you how to modify the added annotation on PDF with AmindPDF?

Step 1: Download and install AmindPDF Editor on the official website.

AmindPDF Editor is the latest PDF editor for mobile and PC. You can edit PDF or add annotations to PDF on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Step 2: Click the "Select File" button on the home page, and select the local PDF file that needs to be annotated.


Step 3: Annotate the PDF

Click the "Annotate" button at the top to switch to the annotation interface. The main annotation functions on the PC side include: highlight, underline, strikethrough, pencil drawing, eraser, line, rectangle, circle, polyline, Polygon, annotation notes, etc.

Each annotation can adjust the color, some can also adjust the border, and so on. First click on the content of the note to be added, then select the text to be added and right-click to add note notes and modify note colors.


Step 4:To delete or modify PDF annotations

Delete or modify PDF comments on the PC side: If you add errors when adding comments, you can directly click the "Undo" button or "Ctrl+Z" in the upper left corner to cancel, or you can click the content of the comment, right-click to delete the comment, You can also click the "Properties" button to modify the color, border, etc. of the annotation content.


The above is the tutorial for adding, deleting, and modifying PDF annotations in AmindPDF Editor. For those who don't know how to delete or modify annotations, learn it quickly. You can also edit PDF, PDF conversion, PDF merge and split, PDF creation, and PDF pages. management, PDF encryption and decryption, etc.

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