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As home office becomes more and more popular, office software has become a necessity of life, especially a multi-functional office software, which will greatly save your precious cost and time.
If you need to create a PDF file. There are two ways, one is to convert other formats to PDF, and the other is to create a new PDF file directly in the PDF editor.
You can add text, pictures, videos, links, and forms to PDF files, depending on what kind of PDF file you want to make.
This article gonna disclose you guys 5 free software to create PDF files for 2022.

Part 1: AmindPDF(for PC and mobile devices)
Part 2: Cute PDF
Part 3: Nitro PDF
Part 4: Foxit PhantomPDF
Part 5: PDFelement
Part 6: Pdfforge

Part 1: AmindPDF(for PC and mobile devices)
AmindPDF is a all-in-one PDF expert, has absolute advantage in editing, annotating , creating, dividing,
 combining PDF area.
But if you want to create editable and concise PDF files, the features it offers are great. The software allows importing data from memory buffers and exporting data to other file formats. Additionally, documents can be protected with encryption, and settings can be changed as needed.
 For creating new PDF files with AmindPDF, you just need very quick 3 steps.
Step 1: Download AmindPDF from official website for your desktop or download in shop for all mobile devices. Launch AmindPDF on your computer, at the bar of “ Common tools” , click “Create PDF” button and start the creating journey.

Step 2: “Add files” button to choose one or more files that you want to create to PDF

Step 3:Choose the output options, there are two “Create mode” for users, you can choose put” all files in on PDF” or “Create single PDF for each file”. 

After choosing, click “OK” button and you will get the new created PDF.

Part 2: Cute PDF
Cute PDF is a reliable PDF creating software. Users can use it to edit files or manage images and photos, or customize it with the numerous features it offers.

Part 3: Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF is the latest PDF production and management software produced by Arts PDF. It supports all the features of PDF, can add comments, supplement content and author, digital signature, full text editing, and easily convert Office documents to PDF.


Part 4: Foxit PhantomPDF


Foxit PhantomPDF is a free PDF authoring software that users can use to convert and print documents .Foxit Reader allows you to customize and view toolbars, edit or fill in documents. Additionally, users can share their own comments, as well as annotate or create PDF files with add-ins for Word, PPT or Excel.

Part 5: PDFelement


Wondershare PDFelement is a professional pdf tool suite produced by Wondershare (Wonshare), almost all the functions you need related to PDF documents can be found here, providing you with the best PDF editing solution.

Part 6: Pdfforg


Pdfforge PDF Creator is a free PDF file creation software available for Windows and Mac devices. It allows you to scan images, sort and customize PDF files, edit and convert document formats, and more. The software also allows you to create various file formats (PDF, JPG, PNG or TIF files), combine multiple documents into one file, and compress or resize images according to your needs. This free PDF file creator allows you to encrypt and protect your files with a password, or change your security settings to prevent any unauthorized access to your files.
Creating a PDF is just the first basic step, and those PDF experts introduced above can meet your needs for quick PDF creation. Not only that, we can also choose a perfect one to solve and meet all needs of PDF operations. 

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