Is there any software that can make PDF directly

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2022-08-04 11:01

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What software can make PDF files directly? Just read this article!

1. Office

Not only Office, but also Office software such as WPS can convert some formats to PDF, and the operation method is very simple.
For example, to convert Word to PDF, you only need to select the edited Word file and save it in PDF format!


But, the disadvantage is that it can only be converted at a single time, and the amount of files that need to be converted is more time-consuming~



If you have a large demand for converting files, then this software is very suitable. Compared with Office software, this software has more comprehensive conversion functions and more professional!

Not only supports PDF to Word, but also can complete the mutual conversion between more than 20 formats such as PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel, PDF to picture, picture to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF merge/split, etc., very comprehensive

And support batch file processing at the same time! Can process converted files faster, effectively improve work efficiency~


The operation process of the software is also very simple and easy to use. You only need to select the format to be converted according to your own needs and you can complete it with one click~

Of course, you can also edit PDF files directly

Operation method:

After installing this software, open the page and select the file to be edited, and then double-click to edit the PDF text directly!

(Yes, just double-click to edit it, the same operation process as Word documents, etc.)



3. Adobe Acrobat dc


If you don't want to get PDF files by converting the format, and want to edit PDF files directly, you need a PDF editor.

People who have been in contact with PDF should all know it, and it can be said to be the leader in the PDF industry. Editing functions and file conversions are undoubtedly comprehensive! It is a very powerful PDF editing tool.

However, the shortcomings of this software are also very obvious. Not to mention that the software is bloated and occupies a large space, and it has certain requirements for computer configuration. The most persuasive thing is that Adobe's charging standard is too high! Not to mention that ordinary people like me can't afford it, even big companies have to say: "It's really expensive!"

For AmindPDF, it can be said that it can completely replace Adobe's existence in my opinion. It has comprehensive functions, no advertisement insertion, and the fee is very cheap! Personally, it is the absolute conscience software!

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