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2022-08-04 11:10

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The PDF format is one of the more widely used document formats. After creating a pdf document, if you send it to others, you will be worried about being copied or printed by others, so that you can protect the pdf document, then pdf What is the protection method? What are the techniques to prevent pdf from being modified? Let me tell you about these problems in detail below.
Protect PDFs from being copied or edited:
First open the PDF file we need to process, click Security → Show Security Properties.
You can see that our current file has no restrictions.
Now we start to restrict the file, click Security → select "Password Encryption".
Check Restrict document editing and printing, set as shown in the figure, then enter the password and click OK.
Close the PDF file, and then open our file with AmindPDF Editor and find that it has been encrypted. Printing and copying at this time are no longer available.
After knowing how to protect PDF without editing, you might want to know how to edit PDF files. Here are 4 ways to edit PDF files, and the last one is the simplest way.
Method 1: Open with Word for editing
We first right-click the PDF file that needs to be edited, then click "Open with", and then we choose to open it with "Word", and if you don't see it, remember to look for it in "Choose another application".
Method 2: Use a PDF Converter
If you think the above method is troublesome, we can directly use the Hi Format PD Converter, which can convert PDF to editable Word, Excel, PPT and other editable formats, and the operation steps are relatively simple! Here we demonstrate how to convert PDF to Word
Operation method: First open the PDF converter and find the PDF conversion file among the many functions.
Method 3: Use OCR text recognition to recognize the PDF as an editable Word file and then modify the text, however, because this technology has very high requirements for development technology, not every PDF editor can have this technology. I know one PDF Editor, they already has this technology of OCR, and their accuracy of recognizing is pretty advanced and perfect, it is AmindPDF, an professional PDF editor,a young star now already got a great score at their first mobile terminal for iOS and Andriod.
Compared with the above three more complicated methods, I would like to recommend another more convenient method, that is, download a professional PDF editor, directly open the file whose text needs to be modified, and modify the text.
I believe that it can not only meet the function of modifying text, but also can perform more PDF function requirements. You can convert PDF files to other formats or from other formats to PDF formats in different scenarios in your work. Convenient PDF file management, the following Let me introduce you to several multi-functional PDF editors.
AmindPDF(Free trial, half price for the first time)
Recommended index: ★★★★★

AmindPDF is by far the best and user-friendly PDF editing software I have found on the market. It has a clear interface, intuitive simplicity, and ease of use. They also provide the best OCR recognizing function.
Rich PDF editing tools, common editing functions and format conversion functions are readily available, including: annotation, merging, splitting, compressing, converting, rotating PDF files, and tools for adding watermarks to PDF files, etc. Advanced functions such as encryption and repair can ensure the security of company documents while editing PDFs.
The interaction is very strong, it only takes a few seconds to complete, and it provides a variety of humanized payment methods and the most cost-effective price in the market!
In general, I sincerely recommend this software. In fact, in this era, users’ focus has long changed from the pursuit of functions to the pursuit of experience and refinement. When everyone has mined the functions, how to further and in-depth understand the needs of users is what a company that wants to go further should consider, rather than blindly making announcements and trying to make money from users. Hope AmindPDF is getting better and better.
Recommended index: ★★★★

A very easy-to-use PDF app with popular function of converting PDF documents online. The flat tile style of the home page, the colors are very rich and interesting, can be called the minimalist style is very suitable for people who are efficient in the office and don’t like over decorative stuffs.
Smallpdf was first known for its ability to compress the size of PDF files (so called "small"), and then a complete set of processing functions was derived.
Most of the functions are common to all PDF editing tools and will not be repeated here.
But this software also has some unknown shortcomings, we can also understand:
1.Since the server of smallpdf is overseas, the conversion and download speed are slow
2.There are more advertisements on their website
3.The conversion function is limited, currently only three formats of Word, Excel and PPT can be selected
4.It can only be converted twice a day, and more than two times, you need to purchase a VIP to use it, and it costs 5 euros (about 40 yuan) per month. Comparing the existing functions of AmindPDF above the price, it still cannot win.
Recommended index: ★★★★
 Adobe Acrobat is powerful, but the software is a little bit bulky and the startup speed may be slow. Here is another PDF editor, PDFXEdit, which is small in size but equally powerful. See the end of the article for the software download address.
After the software is downloaded and decompressed, it can be used directly, open PDFXEdit, you can see the dense editing tools in the toolbar above, even more than the Adobe Acrobat tools mentioned above.
The conclusion:
Those 3 PDF editors are all very outcoming and wonderful in their area of ​​expertise. AmindPDF with the highist recommend index cause I think its really a rare with so complete of features at a low price, and half price for the first purchase, what a bargain! Their OCR function and editing function can be called the highist level in the PDF market. And Smallpdf’s advantage is the memory is very small, and you don't have to download their application, you can directly convert or compress PDF files online. OK, that’s all! You guys now must already now which PDF editor is the most suitable for you! Enjoy the pdf editing.
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