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2022-08-04 11:02

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Although most people are accustomed to computer editing, it does not rule out the urgent need to use a mobile phone to process PDF files as soon as possible. At this time, if there is software that can edit PDF files directly on the mobile phone, is it very convenient?

What mobile PDF editors do you know?

Today, I found several relatively high-ranking PDF editing tools for testing and comparison, mainly including Foxit PDF Editor, WPS, AmindPDF, PDF Universal Editor, and PDF Editing Master. If you have other PDF editor recommendations, you can speak freely in the comment area.

Foxit PDF Editor

Features: Editing is smooth and easy to operate, basically editable like Word;

Complete functions, including conversion functions, document processing functions, page management functions, and security encryption functions (PDF functions are basically satisfied)

Disadvantage: You can only edit after paying

For those who don't use it often, it's more expensive.


Features: You can edit first and pay when you save

The PDF tool of WPS mainly focuses on conversion functions, as well as annotations, signatures, page management, etc., mainly for document processing such as other Word, Excel, etc.
Disadvantage: The editing function is not smooth


Features: Edit PDF, read PDF and add annotations, PDF conversion, PDF merge, PDF split, PDF new, PDF scan, PDF page management, PDF file management, PDF keyword search, PDF printing or sharing, etc.;

The editing function is more powerful, you can add and delete text, modify text font, color, font size, modify pictures, etc.;

You can edit it for free, save it with a watermark, or save it with a watermark by members, etc.

Disadvantage: The function is not complete enough

PDF Universal Editor

Features: can merge, split, extract text, modify text and pictures, PDF encryption

Disadvantages: You need to pay to edit, and the speed of opening the editing function is slow

PDF Editor Master

Features: PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF document signature, Word to PDF, Excel to Word, scanned PDF, text extraction, watermarking, document viewing,

Disadvantages: Can't edit PDF text, mainly based on the conversion function
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