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2022-08-04 11:06

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I know now so many people has at least a pad on hand, whether reading e-books, learning online classes, handling some official documents, o just paining, pad its always a friendly helper you must need in the daily life.
For exmple, if you are a kindergarten teacher, now due to the pandemic, you and your kids have to work and study lessons online, when you correcting the homework on your iPad, wondering give some notes to the PDF documents, now, the most efficient way is having a PDF annotator.
To annotate PDF on your iPad, there are a lot free applications that can help you, this article will show you the best 5 PDF annotator for iPad.
AmindPDF( for all iOS diveces, iPhone and iPad)
AmindPDF for iOS is the best PDF annotator for your iPad and iPhone devices. Why you should choose AmindPDF in such a competitive powerful PDF market?
- Provides rich and complete tools for annotating, including highlight, strikethrough ,underline, drawing tools.
-  Our interface is pretty minimalist and clean, would give you the best feeling of using. Helping you feel the pleasure of working with PDF.
-  Our price must be the most cost-effective in the whole market, and several kind of membership, for week, for month and year, or of you are company scale, we have 24 hours service for business cooperation: biz@amindpdf.com 
Highlight: Click the "Comment" button, then click the "Highlight" icon in the submenu bar, select the area in the text that needs to be highlighted and add it directly, right-click and select "Properties" to modify the highlighted color;
Underline: Click the "Comment" button, then click the "Underline" icon in the submenu bar, select the area in the text that needs to be underlined and add it directly, right-click and select "Properties" to modify the color of the underline;
Strikethrough: Click the "Comment" button, then click the "Strikethrough" button in the submenu bar, and then select the area in the text where you want to add a strikethrough and add it directly, right-click and select "Properties" to modify the color of the strikethrough;
Drawing tools
Drawing tools can help you add different graphic elements in PDF, such as lines, rectangles, polygons, ellipses and other images. For drawing, we have pencil, eraser, line, rectangle, ellipse, line, polygon, etc.
How to make annotations to PDF by using AmindPDF?
Step 1: download AmindPDF for iPad in the Apple Store, and then launch AmindPDF on your iPad, open the file that you are going to make annotations to.
Step 2: Then click the button “Annotate”, start to annotate the PDF, you can choose which tool you need to make annoatations, like highlight, strikethrough ,underline, drawing tools.
Step 3: After annotating, click the button of “Save”, and you can also use AmindPDF manager your PDF documents.
Other PDF Annotation App to make annotations to PDF
PDFelement( for iOS)
Can support i pencil to annotate PDF
And the process to annotate PDF with PDFelement is:

Step 1. Open PDF File on iPad/iPhone

Step 2. Tab on the Annotation Tools to Annotate PDF

Step 3. Add Sticky Notes on PDF

ApowerPDF Editor
ApowerPDF Editor provides you with services such as editing and modifying PDF text/images, reading & managing PDF pages, remarking and highlighting paragraphs, and PDF cloud storage. The interface is clean and simple to operate, allowing you to easily manage PDF files and greatly improve work or study efficiency.

PDF Viewer

A powerful PDF solution for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Any PDF expert or manager can use PDF Reader to annotate, edit, combine, convert, encrypt, scan, and sign PDF documents, wherever you are at school, work, home, or on the go. With PDF Reader, you will never struggle again with complicated PDF documents and will enjoy consistent PDF-editing capabilities on all your devices.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This one comes in with a ringer of popularity. Not only does it allow users to manipulate PDF files stored locally on devices, but it also allows users to open PDF files from cloud-based platforms in a snap. With annotation functionalities like sticky notes shapes, highlighters, and arrows, the app makes for an incredible user experience. In addition, users can work with scanned PDF files, transfer files via cloud services like iCloud and Google Drive, and also between multiple devices via WiFi.
In generally, here are all best 5 PDF annotator in the market, obviously, after reading this article you already know which is the best choice for you.

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