What are the advantages of PDF over Word documents?

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2022-08-04 11:23

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The most important feature of PDF is "device independent", no matter what os or third-party software you have, the result of reading is the same.

PDF has been an open standard for a long time. Word was closed by MS until 2005, and third-party support is not as good as PDF. Relying on the virtual printer driver, it is possible to convert any document to PDF.

Now PDF has developed a lot of additional functions, adobe's acrobat supports 3d, multimedia, interaction, animation, and other new things.

Adobe does a whole publishing system on PDF. The functions and means are very rich. For example, Word does not even have the most important color management for printing, only RGB is supported


In terms of usage, Word is used to make documents, and PDF is used to accurately transfer documents + browse. PDF documents are not for editing, and although acrobat pro can edit to a certain extent, it is still very limited. So PDF generally exists as an export instead of saving as...

1. PDF is widely used for serious official documents, such as insurance contracts, online banking statements, electronic work orders, quotations, arrest warrants, etc.
2. PDF is a layout document, it must be in PDF format before printing, and it is close to perfect in the expression of appearance flow. For example, it supports vector maps. Have you seen Word that can open maps?
3. The form filling in PDF is a highlight. The form and the filling content can be completely separated, and it is very convenient to import and export.
4. PDF is a large container that can store multimedia content. The format itself also supports Javascript, which can do many things, such as logical judgment, form checking, user interaction, etc.
5. PDF can support self-extraction and self-contained, and its design purpose was originally designed to display the same document on different devices. Doesn't look different from device to device. Design must use it. 6. The PDF format is open, open from the beginning, and manufacturers of all sizes are doing secondary development around the PDF platform.


However, the advantages of PDF files are outstanding, but if you want to modify the content in the PDF file, it will be more troublesome. When we need to convert PDF to Word file for editing, we need to use a professional PDF converter.
AmindPDF can help you quickly convert PDF files into Word, and at the same time, you can also convert them into PPT, Excel, pictures, txt, HTML, etc. It also supports multiple types of software to convert into PDF format.
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