Which PDF editing software can replace acrobat?

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2022-08-04 10:42

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Adobe is strong In the field of PDF editing, but not without other options.

With AmindPDF, PDF editing, annotation, conversion and other problems can be solved in one stop.


First of all, this is a professional PDF editing tool, but it is not just as simple as editing PDF documents.

In addition to PDF editing, it also has PDF reading and annotation, PDF file conversion, PDF encryption protection, PDF merging and splitting, PDF batch printing, batch file conversion to PDF, PDF watermark removal and other functions.


AmindPDF can freely increase or decrease the content of the PDF document, and supports automatic text rearrangement (streaming editing) after editing, eliminating the worry of layout.

1. Edit the text object
Modify/edit/move/replace paragraphs, text, and images, including but not limited to fonts, image content, and attributes.

2. New PDF content

Add text, images, shapes, links, attachments and other objects to the edited document, and the document editing content is richer and more diverse.

3. Streaming editing mode
Editing in the streaming editing mode, the global lines and paragraphs will be automatically laid out according to the calculation, and you can edit the PDF file like editing Word.


Supports batch conversion of multiple documents to PDF documents, and supports PDF conversion to documents in Word, Excel, PPT, OFD, pictures and other formats.

1. Convert multiple files to PDF

AmindPDF can not only convert a single file to PDF, but also batch convert multiple files of different formats into PDF documents.

2. Convert PDF to other formats

AmindPDF supports converting PDF documents to Word, Excel, PPT, OFD, pictures, HTML and other formats.

3. Image extraction from PDF files

The pictures in the PDF cannot be downloaded, but you can choose to export all the images in the PDF document with one click, which is more convenient to obtain pictures in batches


PDF merge and split

AmindPDF supports merging multiple PDF files, and also supports splitting PDF documents into independent documents

1. Merge PDF documents

Combine multiple documents into one document, and files in different formats can also be combined into PDF, making it more convenient to manage files.

2. Split PDF documents

Split a PDF document into multiple documents, provide a variety of document splitting methods, and split the current document as needed.

3. PDF page management

You can customize the management page order, insert, replace, delete pages, the document page management is clearer, and the office is more efficient.


While reading PDF, the software also provides a powerful PDF document annotation function, which is more efficient to annotate documents and more intuitive to annotate content.

1. Text and paragraph marks

"Highlight", "area highlight", "underline", "insert" and other marking processing are performed on key text and paragraph information to highlight the key points of text, paragraphs and regions.

2. Drawing graphics

A variety of common graphic elements such as rectangle, polygon, ellipse, and line can be added to the document, and there are more ways to annotate the document.

3. Application and creation of stamps

Quickly apply default stamps, create custom stamps, and save the settings as frequently used stamps for more convenient application.


Do you think there are enough features, but this is only a small part!
There are also PDF electronic signatures, PDF electronic forms, OCR text recognition, PDF encryption protection, PDF adding/removing watermarks and other functions.
It is no exaggeration, only one software can solve most of the PDF problems encountered in daily work and study.

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