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2022-08-04 10:41

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When you get a PDF file from a colleague or some of the words are not what you need, you need to make some modifications and delete these words. At this time, you may need some methods to fix these problems.

Method 1:Download a professional PDF Editor

Download a professional PDF Editor, like AmindPDF, the best PDF editor that I have tried.

Delete the content on the page, open the pdf file with an editor, you can browse the pdf document, and switch the page to the page that needs to be operated.

Select "Edit Text" on the toolbar, the content on the page can be edited, select the object to be deleted, and then press "delete" or "←" to delete. You can also pull a check box on the page and press the delete key to delete the content in the check box.

Method 2: Convert PDF format to Word, then delete the content you don’t need.

I recommend a online PDF converter, Smallpdf, that you can convert PDF to any format online. But the price is pretty higher than AmindPDF, you can also use AmindPDF to convert PDF.

PDF Conversion of AmindPDF
Convert PDF files into Word, PPT and Excel files, image formats, HTML and plain text files.

You may have not only how to delete text of PDF, and also need to arrange your PDF files, like organizing PDF pages, inserting pages a PDF, extracting pages, spliting PDF pages. AmindPDF has the best PDF pages manager, you can enjoy all those functions of arranging PDF pages. Let me explain in detail.

Open a PDF and select the Organize Pages tool to open your own multi-page PDF document.

In the right pane, select the Organize Pages tool. If the right pane is collapsed, you can click the small arrow on the far right to expand it.

How to replace a page or several pages in PDF?

You may want to replace a page with a new page, Start by clicking your PDF file to select it as the page to replace.

Click the Replace option in the toolbar.

Click Select.

 Click the "Page" button to enter the page thumbnail interface. AmindPDF helps you to manage pages in simple way: Rearrange PDF pages, or delete/insert/rotate/extract and crop pages as needed.

How to insert page or pages to PDF?

Insert blank page: You can directly click "Blank Page" to insert a blank page, or you can right-click "Insert Page" and "Blank Page" to insert

Insert from file: You can directly click "Insert from File" to select the file to insert, or right-click "Insert Page" and "Insert from PDF"

Insert from picture: Right-click "Insert Page" and "Insert Picture from Picture"

How to extract pages?

Click the "Extract" button, the page extraction dialog box will pop up, you can directly input the serial number of the page to be extracted, and then select the extraction range to directly extract as a separate file

How to split page?

Click the "Split" button, the split PDF dialog box will pop up, you can split the file "by number of pages", "by file university", "by outline", and you can also choose the save location of the split file


How to delete pages or one page in PDF?

Enter the page to be deleted directly in front of the "Delete" icon, and then click the "Delete" icon to delete the page

Select the page to be deleted on the page thumbnail, you can click Ctrl to select multiple pages at the same time, right-click and then "Delete Page"

How about it? This is all the page management functions of AmindPDF, is it very comprehensive? Yes, and it is very practical. I believe that you need to use these functions when editing PDFs on a daily basis.

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